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The Team


Indrani Sharma

Indrani discovered her true calling in the field of canine training and psychology while dabbling in the subject. She quickly got sucked in the vortex of interesting world of dogs. Thereafter she quit the comfort of a corporate job to work with dogs and their parents full time. Imparting correct knowledge about dogs and bringing in the best practices from the field of dog training has always been her motto. On witnessing the troubles dog parents go through to find a good boarding service for their dogs while they are away, Indrani conceptualised the dog day care and boarding centre at Smart Canines. She hopes to reach out to maximum people and help them with all their dog raising, training, and boarding needs. Indrani took her education in the field of dog training and behavior from the Mumbai based Canines Can Care under the mentorship of Shirin Merchant. She has also trained under the internationally renowned John Rogerson of Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour UK, for Advanced Canine Training and Behaviour Course in search and rescue, scent detection, tracking, assistance dog work etc. Indrani also specialises in aggression cases and has a specialisation from the academy of Aggressive  Dogs, USA. She also holds several certificates of achievement in the field of canine training and behaviour from Dunbar Academy, Canine Principles and IAABC

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Co-founder & Managing Director

Sudhir Sharma

Sudhir had a career of 16 years in the Corporate sector before he quit to live his passion of working with pet dogs and their families. A pet parent himself for over 20 years Sudhir brings an immense wealth of knowledge into the plate. Understanding dogs, their healthcare, and operational requirements of running a boarding facility are his forte.

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