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Terms and Conditions:

  1. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to present the pets for boarding in a clean and groomed condition with up to date vaccinations, deworming treatments.

  2. The pet owner needs to ensure the pets are presented for boarding in tick/flea free condition. In case tick infestation is noticed in the pet after he/she has been boarded Smart Canines reserves the rights to take necessary steps to carry out grooming/medical application and the pet owner needs to bear the cost of such treatments.

  3. Owner needs to submit with Smart Canines updated vaccination records of the pet (approved by a veterinarian practitioner) at the time of check-in or earlier. This is to ensure safety of all pets present at the facility.

  4. Owner needs to submit with Smart Canine a proof of his/her ID and proof of residence at the time of check-in or earlier.

  5. Owner should ensure that Smart Canines is duly informed about any aggressive/reactive behaviour the pet might have displayed in the past.

  6. Our check-in timings are between 3pm to 5pm and check-out timings are between 11am to 1pm. No pick-up and drop will be allowed before or beyond the mentioned timings.

  7. 50% of the charges are to be paid before the boarding period and the remaining 50% needs to be paid during check-out.

  8. If a pet needs to be fed any type of premium pet food, it will be charged separately.

  9. Swimming/agility/bathing charges will be extra.

  10. A chargeable bathing is mandatory for a continuous stay of 7 days. This is to ensure hygiene of the pet and of the boarding facility.

  11. Reasonable efforts shall be made to contact the owner in the event of an emergency. However, Smart Canines reserve the right to make decisions regarding the pet’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet and on the advice of a veterinary practitioner. If a pet becomes unwell, has an accident or injures himself/herself or seems to be in any type of pain, we might need to take him/her to a veterinarian and the owner will be responsible for all veterinarian fees incurred.

  12. If the pet is not collected within 3 days of the scheduled check-out date, Smart Canines will reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against the owner. The pet will be considered an abandoned pet and appropriate measures will be taken to rehome the pet in such circumstances.

  13. Smart Canines reserves the right to refuse any pet for boarding on health , medical or behavioural grounds.

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